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Id Digital

Django powering enterprise grade system.

ID-Digital was created due to the need to provide a high degree of security in commercial transactions and in other agreements between two parties, made through the internet.

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BigData processed by Flask

We have built a system that classifies and stores scientific publications. We had processed an open-source libraries of publications and aggregated them, allowing users to search a network of experts and scientists based on the keywords related to the domain of their expertise.

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Diagnostic Questionnaire

Childen diagnosis made simple - with JaveEE and Spring

Questionnaire is a medical grade system that guides specialist in complex autism diagnosis procedures. Build with safety of medical data in mind it offers not only a full medical file processing, but also assist in diagnostic decisions by using deep-learning algorithms.

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Helping children with Autism by improving the quality of their therapy.

Mango is a tool supporting behavioral therapist in managing the patient's documentation and conducting measurements of behavior as well as educational programs during the therapy session.It is a system that automates the work related to measurement documentation.

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