Development services for mobile platforms

Autea develops mobile apps in ionic cordova and native environments (iOS and Android)

We make sure that your business processes reach your users on their device of choice

Regardless of it's form and vendor

Technology aside, our way of thinking about the mobile products is process centric. Incorporation of a mobile device as a mean to reach a business goal is often required, yet not always absolutely necessary. We are happy to share with you our experience in building systems that are integrated across multiple platforms and the way we were working with our clients to determine the priorities of the system development process.

Native Android and iOS applications

We are often asked a question: do I need a mobile app for my system. We have learned to default to 'no' when answering it. Yet for some specific cases - we build them.

Progressive apps designed for mobile

Google is advocate of a philosophy which emphasizes that digital world should be consumed via browser window. As of 2017 we do agree, partly because of practical steps taken by Google that allow projection of near-native experiences (in terms of quality) via mobile version of the Chrome browser.

Hybrid frameworks: Ionic & Cordova

Perhaps JavaScript wrapped around cross platform framework is right for you?

For B2B enterprise solutions, maintaining a single code base for both iOS and Android can be hugely beneficial cost-wise.